Welcome to the Wonderland!
Come on down the rabbit hole!
See the face of all your fears,
Take back the hearts she stole

Wonder at the fears of madness
Wonder at your own corruption
Wonder at your mind’s destruction
Sanity from a madman’s kiss

Every mind views the world differently
Every eye see the truth unfold
The queen is blind, she cannot tell
The king is stone, the curse will hold

Wonder at the dream
Wonder at the nightmare
Wonder at the shriek that tears your sleep

Time to summon the jesters again
Time to talk with the hatter again
Into the unkown make your final leap

The white rabbit at the head of the table
He picks the flesh from between his teeth
Fall into the well again
Close your eyes and count to ten
Feel them watch your every move

Wonder at the cosmos of your mind
Wonder at the silence of the cards
The white queen is as mad as the red
Or perhaps it is all in your head

Run from your weeping Wonderland
Run from yourself, nowhere to hide
Against the Jabbawock make your stand
Red or white, now pick your side

Red for blood and white for bone
The cards are scattered in the wind
The hatter for your sins atone
Out of Wonderland run again.


Injected With Slaughter


‚ÄčNeedles into my flesh

I wake with murder on my mind

I find that I’ve been left behind

Let me sing death to you!

Fingers into your eye sockets

Ripping apart your skull

Claws are honed like knives

Reborn to take lives!

The living war machine

Half-eaten bodies piled around

I am humankind’s destruction

“Sorcerer of death’s construction!”

Injected with slaughter!

Cracking bone I do not mind

Rich and poor I eat in kind

Let me sing death to you!

I live to see bodies shattered

Tearing them apart with my hands

Bearer of death’s swinging scythe!

I feast upon your rotten life!

Grinding your heart and your head into pulp

Drinking the blood from your skin

Only slaughter my lusts can sate

Created from  your rage and hate!


Aspiring death metal lyricist. Also Black Sabbath reference.



The dog sits on stone
With the red ball in her mouth
And the flies around

The serpent striking
The moon silently watching
The blood spills on snow

The room of killing
Is stained with the blood of many
Man is the killer

When The Summer’s Ending


In walking through the forest
I see you there
Between the trees
Starlight shining in your hair

And when the wolf is howling
I find you here
We’re hand in hand
I know that you are always near

And when the summer’s ending
I find my heart
Inside your hand
Even though we are apart

And when the leaves are falling
You’re dancing here
Between the trees
I can see you now so clear

And when my heart is breaking
Your shadow falls
into the depths
And I know that your song calls

And when the moon is setting
You fade away
Forever gone
I wish the night would always stay

But then when I am dreaming
So close to me
I find you now
And I hope we could always be

Why Can’t I Die?


I’m falling through a void
Visions awakening
If death brings release
What is this suffering?

I thought I killed myself
Maybe this is a dream
But I just can’t block out
My everlasting scream!

I’ve committed murder
Done it on myself
I see sights of horror
My own accursed flesh

Even in my death
I can’t escape myself
Trapped in a jar
Stuck on a devil’s shelf!

Why Won’t You Die?


Knives sink into your flesh
Fingers rip out your eyes
I’ve forgotten all the rest
But I’ll never believe your lies

I stab you over and over
I drop you from on high
A hundred times I’ve killed you
But you just won’t die

I fill you with bullet holes
And when you’re lying in the ground
I give a satisfied smile
But you’re there when I turn around

You’re driving me mad
To keep my mind in good health
Since you won’t fucking die
I guess I kill myself.