Welcome to the Wonderland!
Come on down the rabbit hole!
See the face of all your fears,
Take back the hearts she stole

Wonder at the fears of madness
Wonder at your own corruption
Wonder at your mind’s destruction
Sanity from a madman’s kiss

Every mind views the world differently
Every eye see the truth unfold
The queen is blind, she cannot tell
The king is stone, the curse will hold

Wonder at the dream
Wonder at the nightmare
Wonder at the shriek that tears your sleep

Time to summon the jesters again
Time to talk with the hatter again
Into the unkown make your final leap

The white rabbit at the head of the table
He picks the flesh from between his teeth
Fall into the well again
Close your eyes and count to ten
Feel them watch your every move

Wonder at the cosmos of your mind
Wonder at the silence of the cards
The white queen is as mad as the red
Or perhaps it is all in your head

Run from your weeping Wonderland
Run from yourself, nowhere to hide
Against the Jabbawock make your stand
Red or white, now pick your side

Red for blood and white for bone
The cards are scattered in the wind
The hatter for your sins atone
Out of Wonderland run again.

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