Injected With Slaughter


Needles into my flesh

I wake with murder on my mind

I find that I’ve been left behind

Let me sing death to you!

Fingers into your eye sockets

Ripping apart your skull

Claws are honed like knives

Reborn to take lives!

The living war machine

Half-eaten bodies piled around

I am humankind’s destruction

“Sorcerer of death’s construction!”

Injected with slaughter!

Cracking bone I do not mind

Rich and poor I eat in kind

Let me sing death to you!

I live to see bodies shattered

Tearing them apart with my hands

Bearer of death’s swinging scythe!

I feast upon your rotten life!

Grinding your heart and your head into pulp

Drinking the blood from your skin

Only slaughter my lusts can sate

Created from  your rage and hate!


Aspiring death metal lyricist. Also Black Sabbath reference.


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