Song of Despair


A very whiny, emo poem that’s been sitting on Google Drive for months :\

They told me to follow my dreams
When I was young and free
But this hypocritical world
Came and shut the door on me

And now, when I see
A child young and free
I stop and I think
Of how they shut the door on me

My love, I’m sorry
For you leaving me
How can it be my fault
You shut the door on me

And when I knock
Nobody answers the door
The light is on outside
Can’t go out anymore

My friend, I’m lost
I’m locked and alone
My misery and my pain
Is my only home

And now I’m trying
To escape out of this world
Maybe sleep forever
From a hangman’s cord

I wish I could hope
But I can’t anymore
I’m locked inside
The prison of my soul

Forget me, I’m lost
I’m out alone in the cold
Even though I’m inside
I’m trapped in this hole

Oh God, why don’t You
Just take me away
Or let me go
From this jail walk away

Oh why can’t I be
Just like everyone else
I’m lost inside me
I can’t find my own self

Any smile you see
Is just a mask to hide
The hurt and the pain
That is boiling inside

I’m wandering inside myself
A dungeon of despair
If you cannot find me
Look in the grave, I’m there.


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