Life Without Strife


Our only innocence is gone
Our only paradise is lost
The world standing at the edge of hell

All the angels have fallen
All the bodies are burning
Death’s night has come once again

God is judging; Satan’s laughing
Soldiers dying; Children crying
Bombs are falling; Cities crumbling
It seems as if the world is hate

Beyond a burnt no-man’s land
In a sanctuary marked with God’s hand
The faithful cry out “Kyrie eleison.”

In the end, the corpses crawling
To a cliff, they all start falling
None can cross the river of the damned

Angels weeping in the night
Stars are falling; Moon shines bright
A ruined temple all that remains
A shattered spear; the sword of fate.

Fun fact: The title is taken from the first stanza of Planet Hell by Nightwish which reads:

Denying the lying
A million children crying
For lives in strife
For hope beyond the horizon

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