Deep within the forest, the Orgnate awaits its chance to arise against the kingdoms of men, to crush civilization beneath the claw of chaos.


The troll Darri went into the city of the Crow, and when he came out again, he was not the same. Now death follows his footsteps and every sweep if his sword spells doom.


The wildest of elvenkind are known as berserkers, hurling themselves into the fray without armor or care for their safety. Such is their strength that no matter how much blood is drawn from their veins, they fight on with a rage unmatched by any other.


The orc Guardane is a bounty hunter of much fame, tracking down robber-barons, criminals, and nobles alike for the promise of coin.


Feledin is leader of the royal guard of the elven queen, and is thought to be the strongest in the realm of the elves. He fights with a greatsword, chopping off heads and limbs with every stroke.


From Mount Redbone, the goblin hordes of Shizgo Headbugger pour forth, despoiling the lands of man and dwarf.


The black-clad soldiers of the star-spanning Kalien Kingdom are brutal professionals at the art of war. Though not as numerous as the hordes of the Galactic Imperator, they are far better trained and equipped than many other soldiers in the galaxy. Their bodies are augmented with combat drugs and physical implementations, which allows them to withstand the worst attacks even in light armor.


Dwarf lord Argim Ironshod led an expedition into the southern wastes to recover an ancient dwarf stronghold. Of the thousand-strong force, only he returned. He never takes off his helm and none have seen his face or heard his voice, except in times of war an unearthly shriek emits from his helm, striking fear into foe and friend alike.

“Moving Mountains” by Two Steps From Hell
“Passion of Victory” by Future World Music

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