An Old Friend


As I wandered through the streets
The moon hung full behind black clouds
The way was wet from rains before
And lights were on behind each door

At the corner of 3rd and Thanatos
I met up with an old friend, leaning on a scythe
Black cloak hung around him
He grinned to see me, but then again
He grins at everyone

We walked into the diner there
“Two shots for me and my friend,” I said
“I’m paying,” said he
And handed two coins of antiquity
To the waitress; she took them silently

We sat down at a table by the window
And talked of things old and new
Of killing moons, and flying beasts
Of worlds cold, and poems of war
Of legends ancient, and heroes new
Where realms collide, and shadows fly

And then our talk turned to me
Of things I’d hunted in the sea
Of duels with angels and demons
Of secret cults, and beating hearts
Of assassin’s work, and warrior’s dreams

And then we thought to speak of him
Of men’s last words, and their destination
Of how they died, and why
Of the life of souls, and homes of spirits
Of those who cheated him, their ends, their means
And what then final life would be

And then, when we had finished
We wandered into the night
And then he spoke

“Come upon a journey with me
Through the tombs of the titans
Through the crypts of the ancients
And the coffins of the ages.”

This he spoke, and thus we went
Universes passed before my eyes
Ages, aeons, all collided
Falling through the void of time

Then we walked before the gate
Beyond which realms eternal lie
Bliss is there, and torment too
And the solemn grey fields between
There we went.

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