Our Rose Is Red


One day I was walking through the land of the dead
And I stopped to see one stone, two bodies beneath
“Loving in life and in death” inscribed on the head
So I asked them to tell me their story
And this they said

Our rose is red, our years are young
Our hearts are beating, each day is fresh
Songs of life and love we’ve sung
We can see only the rising sun

Our rose is red, our lives are bright
Older now, we’ve seen the dark
But still we are each other’s light
Our sun so bright, it drowns the night

Our rose is red, our hairs are grey
Our eyes are dim, the sun is setting
Over the lights, grey shadows lay
Our bodies old, wrinkled, our hearts yet youthful

Our rose is red, our bones are cold
Our bodies dead, our lives are gone
Even the coffins are rotten and old
But still our hands are joined together
And in realms eternal we walk

And as I looked down at the tombstone
I wondered how a love like that could be
And I looked down, by the gravestone
I saw a rose still growing red

For when the stars fall
And the sun drowns in shadow
Our love is still strong

And when the stars flicker and fade
Our love is the light
We are the sun in the rain

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