Mireundinna – a Fantasy Setting – Overview


Ever since I read Luke Maciak’s Ravenflight and Tales of Those Who Left, I’ve been wanting to do something similar. I have about three fantasy worlds, one sci-fi world, and one earth/urban fantasy world that have been floating around in my head for several years, but I decided to create a new one for this project. (Yes, I am one of those people who can make a universe off the fly.) So, introducing Mireundinna:


The oldest legends of Mireundinna tell of humans traveling down the Ridge to the lowlands. They are most probably descendents of the brutish cliff-men who dwell in the Ridge’s many caverns. The origins of the elven barbarians are not known, as they keep no writings, but their sung legends tell of their many spirits leading out of the cold north and into the vast steppes of the Border-Lands. The imperialistic goblins and orcs have but recently revealed themselves from across the Sea of Skies. The raider called the Kinsori also come from beyond the sea, although where remains a mystery. As for the docile giants of the south and the reptilian people of Keirgan, they have always dwelt here. Some say they built the Blue Towers with the aid of the giants, but if so, the Keirgani have forgotten, and the giants are quiet and shy when it comes to speaking.

The Monere revealed themselves years ago when they first swept out of the land now known as Ash-Harrow under the command of Gataranda the Conquerer during the War of the Morning. They were defeated by Keirgan, Barandara, and Akalos together. It was during the War of the Chains when Lord Shagpat the Golden was slain on the Fields of Bone in Ash-Harrow when the Monere were defeated decisively. Their creations still wander in Ash-Harrow slaying all they come across, though they have become a joke and a byword in Barandara and other northern places.

To make it easy to refer to the map, I’ll be dealing with the main continent first, from north and west to south and east. Afterwards will be the Sea of Skies, also from north to south. In later posts in this series, I’ll break down individual races and countries.

WASTE of ANGARAT – A barren, icy wasteland, beautiful and deadly. The elves claim the sun does not travel correctly in the sky and that strange beings with tentacle-arms and many eyes live in oddly shaped cities. The elves have many legends about heroes who traveled and fought monsters and beasts.
MOUNTAINS of FIRIOS – A long range of dark and forboding peaks. According to the elves, also populated by unbelievable monsters.
ANCIED – A forest of terror, according to the elven legends. It is supposedly filled with carnivorous trees and blood-sucking birds.
TANTAGON – A rocky land where it is always raining, when it isn’t snowing.
TROLL COUNTRY – Do I really need to tell you about this?
PIRION – A huge stone pillar atop the Ridge. The elves say the spirits gather here and will move it when they want the elves to move to another land.


BORDER-LANDS – Where the barbaric elf tribes live. There are few permanent settlements, and the elves normally stay on the move, often coming south.
the RIDGE – Not a very accurate name for it. It is actually a huge cliff roughly 3,400 miles long from the Mountains of Firios in the north down to Red Range in the south and round 1000 feet high in most places. The sides have many caverns occupied by the cliff-men.
MISTY FLATS – Exactly what it sounds like. A misty plain stretching from the edge of the Ridge to Brieros. According to legend, strange creatures stalk the mists.
BRIEROS – A huge forest. Probably populated by dragons, if the Austwood is any guess.
KEIRGAN – A kingdom of lizard people. Being right next to the Border-Lands, they take the brunt of raids from the elves. Strong military and agriculture. Capital city is Garos.
BARANDARA – A human kingdom, focused on trade, and the second most likely to be attacked by elves. Was once ruled by Akalos, but rebelled against them and they are still at odds. Capital is Aldart.
WILD COAST – A jacked-up land full of independent cities, but also the center of trade. Biggest and most important city is Twin Taverns. Many orcs, goblins, Kinsori, and people from other nations can be found here. Also full of bandits and thieves.
AUSTWOOD – The outer reaches are mostly normal forest, but the deeper parts are populated with dragons.
DARSHI BAY – Said to be populated by dwarves, if you can believe that.
AKALOS – The second human nation. It is a land of red sand, red sky, volcanoes, and rivers of lava. Exemplary military but depends of food from Giant Country. Seeks to re-conquer Barandaran. Capital city is Raldueo.
RED RANGE – A range of red mountains and volcanoes. The biggest volcano is Mount Blazingburn, which is sacred to the people of Akalos.
ASH-HARROW – A terrible land filled with the creations of the Monere. Marsha Ad, the centre of the Monere lies somewhere here. Not the nicest place to be.
the BLUE TOWERS – No one knows who built them, or why. Ten towers, most a hundred or so miles apart, built on the coastline, looking out over the sea.
KINSORI – An icy island, home to the Kinsori people, who are WALRUS VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VASOSA – Home of the goblins and orcs. Filled with jungles and rivers.
WEEPING ISLES – The shatoki fish/frog people originated from here. The goblins now rule here.
RIOSTA – A lifeless island. Sailors have tales of it being filled with amazingly life-like statues.

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