Alternate Earth


On September 1, 1939, the Second Great War began. The tyrannic dictator Adolf Hitler and his allies ran rampant across Europe. Poland and France crumbled easily. Russia and Britain stood against the onslaught. But Hitler unleashed his death ray. Planes of Third Reich Stormtroopers flew across the Channel, armed with deadly chemical weapons created in German laboratories. They came upon Britain like a thunderbolt. The English fled to underground bunkers. Hitler was poised to ruin Russia, but every plane was swallowed in a howling snowstorm that some said the Czar Nicholas II had summoned from otherworldly powers at the price of his soul.

In the east, Imperial Japan wreaked havoc across Korea, China, and the Philippines due to its “Dragons” – ironclad amphibious tanks able to destroy infantry, navy, and airplanes and withstand grenades, bazookas, and even bombs.

Then America successfully tested the first atomic bomb, and truman approved its use on Germany and Japan. Germany sued for peace after two of its cities were destroyed, partly due to a power struggle in Berlin, resulting in Hitler’s assassination. Truman accepted the surrender, but Army General William J. Howard, who had access to the secrets of nuclear warfare, rose in the US, telling of atrocities committed overseas and urging total destruction of Germany and Japan. Incited by the sensationalistic newspaper reports, the American public had Truman impeached and Howard put in his place. Germany was bombed into the Stone Age.

But like Julius Caesar of old, the American Armed Forces rallied behind Howard, declaring him First Emperor of the United American Imperium.

We stand on the dawn of a new era in world history. The American Empire expands quickly with the threat of nuclear annihilation. Strange demons stalk the howling blizzards of Russia. The anti-aircraft mechanical might of Japan holds it safe from the nuclear fist of America. Beneath the war-torn wastelands of Europe, chemical mutants scavenge and hunt…

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 9.51.33 PM


Red = America
Blue = Russia
Yellow = Japan
Light Red = American Front
Light Yellow = Japanese Front
Black = Mutants
Green = Unaffiliated

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