He was a man of middle-age, a corporate slave for a large company, who lived in a large city full of other people exactly like himself. He ate cereal and drank coffee for breakfast, had burgers for lunch, and microwaved frozen dinners for supper. he carpooled to work and rode the subway to his street with other people like himself. He was nothing special in the grand scheme of things, but his fate was decided, and he was swept along with millions of others through the river of life. But he had wonderful dreams.

   They had started when he was a child, but they faded as he grew older, and came to him between longer and longer intervals until they disappeared completely. He sometimes thought of them, but they did not come again for a long, long time, until at last, one night, he had a dream, of something unknown by mortal mind. He began to seek dreams more, and thought of them more, until he began to pay less attention at work. He began eating less, skipping his lunch hour to nap, but he never woke refreshed, for he was being drawn further into the dream-world, and life held no interest. Somedays he slept instead of breakfasting and fell into bed as soon as he reached his apartment. His company downsized; he was one of the first laid off because he got so little done. he looked for work and found none. he was kicked out of his apartment and now walked the streets, and slept, and dreamt.

   He was hot in summer and found the heat kept him awake. He bought drugs with the money someone gave him, and this helped. He grew thin and wasted, but his dreams were brighter and more vivid than ever. He dreamed instead of looking for work, but in his dreams he found the place he wished to be. Summer and autumn passed, and winter came, but he slept in the cold and passed away. They found his body, and wondered why he did not come into the shelter, and buried him underneath a plain tombstone. He had found his dream.


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