But first, AN UPDATE!!!!! My computer has gone completely Poltergeist on me. I’ve lost EVERYTHING, exceptin’ the stuff I uploaded to my Google Drive. This also means I’ve lost Fresh Paint and Adobe Photoshop. Since I cannot currently get a new compy, I borrow time on another one’s Macbook.

Now, I hate Mac computers. You can tell me about their ten-hour battery time, their sleek interface, but it’s no use. I was made for Windows. (To balance the score, I can’t stand Windows mobile devices. iPads and iPhones are the only ones I like, plus Kindle Fire, but since that’s an eReader, it doesn’t really count.)

So, this certain somebody also does not like programs being downloaded on said individual’s computer. Which means instead of my beloved Photoshop, I’m stuck with Pixlr. I actually like Pixlr, I’m just so used to Photoshop that it makes nervous. But since I can only get on said individual’s computer a little while each day, my output will be seriously slowed as if I was posting regularly before.

Now, moving on…

The teaser for the WarCraft movie is out! EDIT: now the trailer! I am sure that many others like me are super-hyped. It looks great, with gryphons and war and all the stuff that we’ve come to love from Blizzard’s leading franchise over the years. The orcs look just like WarCraft. I hope it will turn out well.


Sword Gun Ax Viking Dwarf

My sister named the above. Such a name as ‘Sword Gun Ax Viking Dwarf‘ is, IMHO, the purest form of awesome.


River Troll


Hedge Knight



Fae Woman

Fae Woman

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