Alternate Earth


On September 1, 1939, the Second Great War began. The tyrannic dictator Adolf Hitler and his allies ran rampant across Europe. Poland and France crumbled easily. Russia and Britain stood against the onslaught. But Hitler unleashed his death ray. Planes of Third Reich Stormtroopers flew across the Channel, armed with deadly chemical weapons created in German laboratories. They came upon Britain like a thunderbolt. The English fled to underground bunkers. Hitler was poised to ruin Russia, but every plane was swallowed in a howling snowstorm that some said the Czar Nicholas II had summoned from otherworldly powers at the price of his soul.

In the east, Imperial Japan wreaked havoc across Korea, China, and the Philippines due to its “Dragons” – ironclad amphibious tanks able to destroy infantry, navy, and airplanes and withstand grenades, bazookas, and even bombs.

Then America successfully tested the first atomic bomb, and truman approved its use on Germany and Japan. Germany sued for peace after two of its cities were destroyed, partly due to a power struggle in Berlin, resulting in Hitler’s assassination. Truman accepted the surrender, but Army General William J. Howard, who had access to the secrets of nuclear warfare, rose in the US, telling of atrocities committed overseas and urging total destruction of Germany and Japan. Incited by the sensationalistic newspaper reports, the American public had Truman impeached and Howard put in his place. Germany was bombed into the Stone Age.

But like Julius Caesar of old, the American Armed Forces rallied behind Howard, declaring him First Emperor of the United American Imperium.

We stand on the dawn of a new era in world history. The American Empire expands quickly with the threat of nuclear annihilation. Strange demons stalk the howling blizzards of Russia. The anti-aircraft mechanical might of Japan holds it safe from the nuclear fist of America. Beneath the war-torn wastelands of Europe, chemical mutants scavenge and hunt…

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 9.51.33 PM


Red = America
Blue = Russia
Yellow = Japan
Light Red = American Front
Light Yellow = Japanese Front
Black = Mutants
Green = Unaffiliated




Thanksgiving is not normally that big of a day for me, for the simple reason that I spend it like any other day – me and my dog in my apartment playing vidya gaemz and watching Supernatural. But today, I’m really happy because YouVersion has gotten to 200 million devices on which the Bible app has been installed!

Windows 10 – A (Sorta) Review


A screenshot while I was writing this post.

While I’m only half a geek (because the only languages I know are HTML5 & CSS3 and I’m more into the gaming side of geeky) I’ve been observing Windows 10 lately and I feel the need to write something about it. So far, I’m pleased.

While I loved the full-screen apps and Start menu of Windows 8, I like the windowed ones better. Partly because i can just bring up Notepad whenever a older sister is walking by lol jk. The Store and other built-in apps seem to come up faster than they did on Windows 8. I find myself using the Task View feature a lot – it’s one of those small things that you never knew you needed but once you have it you can’t do without it. The Start Menu very nicely combines the features of the Windows 8/7 Start Menu while also bringing back the smaller size and lists of older Windows versions. And the design! I can finally say with joy that Microsoft has finally managed to get the sleek and sexy design the Apple has always severely beaten them on.

And now a word about Microsoft Edge. If I was forced to choose, on pain of death, between Edge and any version of Internet Explorer, Edge would win. Every. Single. Time. The ‘Hub’ menu finally clears all that annoying crap we had at the top of Explorer, and Edge looks better and works better than any Explorer. However, Microsoft still has some work to do to compete with Chrome & Firefox. When I first tested Edge, the tab system was seriously messed up – you couldn’t reopen closed tabs or anything like that. This seems to have been mostly fixed…


But must they insist on refusing to let us pin our tabs? Some people have things they need to hide, man.

So I’m sticking with Chrome for now. But it sure is comforting to know that if for some reason I can’t use that, I’m not left with an outdated, crappy browser that looks like the child of Mosaic trying to be hip.

So let’s end with an awesome chart. Standard starting point is 5, because most things aren’t that awesome.


Overall, a 7. It’s awesome.

The Doors Are Shut


The moon is dim
The clouds are thick
The doors are shut
The guard is set.

The door to life and light is closed
The door to death and dark is barred

We wander in the courtyard where
The lanterns dim, the coach is there

But we can go no further
The doors are shut
We cannot go back
The gate is locked.

The walls surround us dark and tall
The ghosts of those before are speaking
The doors are shut

The guards stand before the doors
Suits of armor grey and grim
Halberds glint in lantern-light
The doors are shut

There are no sights except for those
of crumbling cities all around
and temples of forgotten gods
and castles of long-dead kings

The only sounds are the voices
of the ghosts who silent speak

The moon is dim
The clouds are thick
The lanterns die
The guard is set
The doors are shut.



Make a suicidal charge into a horde of Orks, will you? That’s Khorne worship. Caught a disease in the trenches, eh? That’s Nurgle worship. So you came up with a new battle tactic? That’s Tzeentch worship. Think the Sisters of Battle are hot, do you? That’s Slaanesh worship. *BLAM* Heretic.



He was a man of middle-age, a corporate slave for a large company, who lived in a large city full of other people exactly like himself. He ate cereal and drank coffee for breakfast, had burgers for lunch, and microwaved frozen dinners for supper. he carpooled to work and rode the subway to his street with other people like himself. He was nothing special in the grand scheme of things, but his fate was decided, and he was swept along with millions of others through the river of life. But he had wonderful dreams.

   They had started when he was a child, but they faded as he grew older, and came to him between longer and longer intervals until they disappeared completely. He sometimes thought of them, but they did not come again for a long, long time, until at last, one night, he had a dream, of something unknown by mortal mind. He began to seek dreams more, and thought of them more, until he began to pay less attention at work. He began eating less, skipping his lunch hour to nap, but he never woke refreshed, for he was being drawn further into the dream-world, and life held no interest. Somedays he slept instead of breakfasting and fell into bed as soon as he reached his apartment. His company downsized; he was one of the first laid off because he got so little done. he looked for work and found none. he was kicked out of his apartment and now walked the streets, and slept, and dreamt.

   He was hot in summer and found the heat kept him awake. He bought drugs with the money someone gave him, and this helped. He grew thin and wasted, but his dreams were brighter and more vivid than ever. He dreamed instead of looking for work, but in his dreams he found the place he wished to be. Summer and autumn passed, and winter came, but he slept in the cold and passed away. They found his body, and wondered why he did not come into the shelter, and buried him underneath a plain tombstone. He had found his dream.




But first, AN UPDATE!!!!! My computer has gone completely Poltergeist on me. I’ve lost EVERYTHING, exceptin’ the stuff I uploaded to my Google Drive. This also means I’ve lost Fresh Paint and Adobe Photoshop. Since I cannot currently get a new compy, I borrow time on another one’s Macbook.

Now, I hate Mac computers. You can tell me about their ten-hour battery time, their sleek interface, but it’s no use. I was made for Windows. (To balance the score, I can’t stand Windows mobile devices. iPads and iPhones are the only ones I like, plus Kindle Fire, but since that’s an eReader, it doesn’t really count.)

So, this certain somebody also does not like programs being downloaded on said individual’s computer. Which means instead of my beloved Photoshop, I’m stuck with Pixlr. I actually like Pixlr, I’m just so used to Photoshop that it makes nervous. But since I can only get on said individual’s computer a little while each day, my output will be seriously slowed as if I was posting regularly before.

Now, moving on…

The teaser for the WarCraft movie is out! EDIT: now the trailer! I am sure that many others like me are super-hyped. It looks great, with gryphons and war and all the stuff that we’ve come to love from Blizzard’s leading franchise over the years. The orcs look just like WarCraft. I hope it will turn out well.


Sword Gun Ax Viking Dwarf

My sister named the above. Such a name as ‘Sword Gun Ax Viking Dwarf‘ is, IMHO, the purest form of awesome.


River Troll


Hedge Knight



Fae Woman

Fae Woman