Boom! go the guns
and Boom! go the shells
as I run through the mud,
splashing and sploshing,
Boom! goes a bomb
and I see the guys go down.
Squelsh! go my boots
as I run through the mud,
through the dead and the dying,
pleading for help.
But I can’t stop to help,
I’m just an infantryman.

Then suddenly,
I round a corner,
and come face-to-face
with someone other,
someone from the other side.
He raises his gun,
I raise mine,
oblivious to the sounds of shells that drop behind,
Never met him before,
never even seen him,
but I’ve got to kill him,
One of us has got to go,
and I prefer to stay,
to see my friends again some day

Bang! goes my gun,
then suddenly he’s down,
groveling on the ground.
Then it’s all silent,
and I realize,
this is no video game,
this is life,
and who knows what dreams and hopes I shattered?

But it’s not my place
to question why,
it’s my duty
to do and to die.
One of us had to go,
and I preferred to stay,
but can I just ask,
Isn’t there another way?

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